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Combat Psychology

Think Gold Perform Gold


Introducing The Champion's Blueprint, a ground-breaking sports psychology coaching program designed exclusively for fighters, where every aspect of mental excellence is unlocked.


The program involves 2 sessions per month of 1:1 mental performance coaching and is a system built on years of experience, extensive research, and dedication to understanding the intricate psychology of combat sports.


Through our work, we discovered that five key elements, Willpower, Composure, Presence, Respect, and Conviction, formed the puzzle pieces that shape extraordinary fighters.

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The Program

Your Subscription Plan

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£139 per month

You get two 1:1 sessions per month. Each session is customised to your specific needs and goals, ensuring personalised and focused training.

Get started with a free initial session. No obligation to continue if it doesn't meet your expectations.

The Outcome

With unwavering Willpower, you'll harness the strength to push beyond your limits. Embracing Conviction, you'll cultivate an unshakable belief in yourself.

With a commanding Presence, you'll gain greater awareness of your inner world, seizing every moment. By upholding Respect, you'll enhance relationships within your support circle.

Finally, mastering Composure will give you clarity in the midst of chaos, enabling you to make split-second decisions with accuracy and dominate your opponent.

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