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Performance Psychology Sessions

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What We Do

Unlock your potential with The S.T.A.R Pathway

At Star Mentality, we specialise in helping athletes achieve peak performance through our unique sport psychology approach. Our S.T.A.R Pathway is a roadmap designed to guide athletes toward success in their sports. Join us to enhance your mental game.

Key Qualities We Foster:

Spirit elevates your capacity to cultivate an achievement environment

Awareness delves into understanding your inner world

Tenacity enhances your resilience and confidence

Robust fosters discipline and focus for consistent results

Discover the benefits of our sport psychology services


Your Coaching

Happy Sports Team

Interactive & Dynamic Sessions

Our sport psychology sessions are not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable.


Engage in activities that keep you excited and motivated about your athletic development.

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Star Subscription Plans

Star Performer


One 1-1 Session Per Month

Custom Performance Goals

Essential Mental Skills Training

Most Popular

Star Excellence


Two 1-1 Sessions Per Months

Custom Performance Goals

Advanced Mental Skills Training

Detailed Mindset Reports

End of Month Progress Check-ins

Best Value

Star Champion


Three 1-1 Sessions Per Month

Custom Performance Goals

Advanced Mental Skills Training

Detailed Mindset Reports

End of Month Progress Check-ins

Competition Observations

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards

For our existing clients, we run a successful referral program that celebrates your impact. As you refer, you’re not just sharing our expertise, but becoming a vital part of a community focused on elevating the field of sport psychology

Join our ranks and unlock rewards that mirror your dedication and passion

Impact Catalyst

Refer 1-2 athletes

5% discount on next month's fee

Momentum Builder

Refer 3-5 athletes

10% discount on next month's fee

sport psychologist in london

Elite Influencer

Refer 6+ athletes

15% discount on next month's fee

Exclusive Club Perks

We value the power of sporting associations and the support they provide to our athletes. If you’re affiliated with a club and you book a session with us, your club becomes eligible for an exciting opportunity:

We offer one FREE workshop of your club’s choice

Image by Quino Al

Club Wide Impact

Image by Jeffrey F Lin

Shared Success

Image by Jeffrey F Lin

Maximise Performance

Real Results


What Clients Are Saying

"I can’t thank Star Mentality enough. When I started working with Rifat, I was sometimes struggling with consistency. He not only helped me break these barriers, but now I’m playing at my best weekly. I enjoyed every session and always looked forward to them. I’ve seen improvements in my stats and developed the mental fortitude needed"


Professional Basketball Player

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